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Our Industries 

We support our clients in these industries.

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Startups & E-commerce, Retail & FMCG

Consulting & Audit

Cafes & Restaurants, Management

Energy & Oil/Gas,

Positions We Cover

General Manager

CFO, CTO, CIO, COO and other CxO roles Department Heads (Marketing, Sales, HR, F&A, Legal, Compliance etc.)

Other key middle management and specialist roles across industries 

(Automotive & Commercial, Consumer Goods, IT & Technology)

Elevate your Talent. Elevate your Business.

Largest Possible Candidate Pool

Gain insight into 95% of your target market, including salary levels, competitor benefits, and your company's brand, by understanding nearly every capable candidate in the market.

Fast & Guaranteed Delivery

Our team of recruitment researchers ensures we can engage every potential candidate in the market, whether they're actively job-seeking or not, to secure the top talent for you.

Full Transparency

Receive real-time market feedback, weekly reports, and seamless communication to monitor your search progress and ensure your offerings attract the right talent.

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