In-house legal teams vs. outsourced legal solutions

In-house legal teams vs. outsourced legal solutions.

Building and maintaining an enduring legal function in a dynamic and intra-corresponsive business environment.

Every business has its own way of managing its workflow, and because no two businesses are alike, no two legal departments are either. The greatest in-house legal teams are those that are organized around the goals and corporate culture of their organizations as well as the laws that regulate their industry.

Legal support enables the broader organization and is an advisory and protective function for any business. The strength of your corporate legal team is very important for how you can effectively manage your global entities. Unfortunately, attorneys, by training, are not always the best team players.

The fact that expectations for the legal department have changed in recent years only serves to muddle matters further. The days of running an internal legal department as a loosely affiliated law firm are over. At this point, businesses desire a legal team that can generate revenue and function as partners in business across departments and specialties, and when this team fails to deliver this ambition, the need to invest in legal advisory agencies that deal with outsourcing as a prime element of the process is approached.

The main reason businesses and corporations outsource their work is to save money, and this is regarded as the biggest benefit of legal outsourcing. Because legal process outsourcing companies typically charge a small fraction of what an attorney would charge in major legal markets, like the US, for instance, it has drawn major corporations to outsource specific legal work outside of their legal departments. The rush of demand for this service has resulted in the legal process outsourcing market booming, especially in India.
The benefits of combining internal and external legal consulting are evident. While the internal company structures and processes are well known to the company lawyer, the external lawyer can approach legal issues with the necessary broader perspective.

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