Hiring Insights from Executive Recruiters

Hiring Insights from Executive Recruiters

Many top employers hire executive recruiters to fill their most senior positions. Developing relationships with these headhunters can ensure you will be top of mind if a role opens up in your industry.

Executive recruiters not only bring longstanding and exclusive relationships with hiring companies, but they are also trained professionals who understand your strengths and desires in terms of work, culture, compensation, and confidentiality.

Insight 1: Calls for Transparency

Many nonprofits have fallen short of their promise to diversify senior talent after decades of good intentions, and staff is holding leaders accountable. We are increasingly assisting clients in meeting demands for greater recruiting transparency, including process, pool creation, and selection. Hiring is increasingly being guided by committees or selection teams comprised of staff, leadership, and board members.

Insight 2: Evolving Priorities

Companies value lived experience more than ever before, but not all are having thoughtful discussions about how lived experience is defined and valued. Also, management: 18 months of remote/hybrid work has tested our leaders in ways no one could have predicted, and experience leading teams are more valuable than ever. Leaders embraced remote hiring quickly, but some are still struggling to establish the culture, relationships, and trust that can be so critical to long-term effectiveness.

As you begin your search, these two factors will add extra pressure to the salary you offer.

Insight 3: Opportunity

Candidates are talking about participating in multiple concurrent searches more than ever before. With 10 million open jobs and widespread remote work, the initial conversation and lengthy interviews are more appealing and easier than ever. With the future of work uncertain and burnout at an all-time high, some people are choosing to shop around at an unprecedented rate. Keep an eye on candidate interest levels and request that those you’re most interested in notifying you as other conversations progress.

Insight 4: Location

While many leaders are eager to return teams to in-person meetings, even in a hybrid format, prospective talent prefers to stay close to home. Those who have successfully navigated the challenges of remote work have grown accustomed to its pace, while others have relocated to completely new locations. Bring it up early so there are no surprises as your search progresses.

Why Does Executive Hiring Require Specialized Executive Recruiters?

Finding exceptional candidates with executive potential is not as simple as you might think, and they are unlikely to arrive in your inbox as a result of a job posting. According to one Statista survey, 62% of respondents use executive search firms to gain access to “difficult to reach” candidates.

Insights + Experience = Results

Our Executive Search brings a high level of insight and understanding of the needs of our clients, which we use to recruit top executive hires.

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