Do I need HR services as a startup?

Do I need HR services as a startup?

Let us tell you why.

The short answer is yes; HR is necessary for startups. Startup founders frequently handle several tasks at once. Despite lacking the necessary HR training, they take on a variety of duties and responsibilities, including HR. As they scramble to get their business up and running and profitable, long hours and stress are normal, and hiring and onboarding, employee happiness, and company culture wind up at the bottom of the priority list.

One of the largest challenges for founders is finding talent from scratch because they are inexperienced in hiring, nobody knows them, and they lack hiring procedures. They are thus practically dumped in the middle of an ocean without any swimming skills. In summary, it might be difficult to know where to begin when hiring for startups. Building a qualified talent pool takes time. Establishing an employer brand is not done overnight, and building trust in your industry is a long-term goal.

The issue is that this creates a tremendous amount of discord inside the team, which is a major factor in startup failure. Because they don’t have the correct team, 23% of businesses fail. This is why having dedicated operations or HR person from the beginning is essential. Your startup will be better able to attract and keep excellent employees over the long term if it invests resources in building HR processes. That will eventually result in business expansion.

Go straight to the solution: HR Outsourcing at your service.

Are you getting a headache from all of this information? This is where the professionals’ step in hiring an HR outsourcing firm can make this 10,000 times easier; they handle HR management, employee training, benefits enrollment, performance-based pay, termination, and so on.

78% of respondents to a Deloitte survey expressed favorability toward outsourcing partnerships with other companies. Cost-cutting is not the only goal of outsourcing. Higher earnings may also result from it.

The benefits of HRO are many. The biggest one is high retention and employer satisfaction, which results in a win-win situation for both parties. HROs also aid in increasing organizational effectiveness. They offer knowledge and experience in a variety of sectors.

So basically, you’ll save money, mitigate legal risks, offer services you couldn’t otherwise get, and focus on core business processes.

Are you convinced now? Well, sign up for Kaizen’s HR toolkit and scale, and focus on your dream while we do the rest.

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