Virtually Outsourcing Your Talent

The largest companies in the world use both outsourcing and directly managed offshore teams to support multiple parts of their business to improve efficiency and reduce costs. For example, major industry players such as JP Morgan, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and others have a sizable overseas workforce. Why? The global talent pool is incredible, with far more options.

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The Benefits Of Virtual Recruitment Outsourcing

The days of job fairs, on-campus interviews, and face-to-face in-house recruitment are long gone. Because of technological advancements, recruitment can now be done virtually. Many organizations recognized the potential of virtual recruitment in terms of cost efficiency and convenience before the economic crisis caused by the pandemic of COVID-19.

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How do you decide when to outsource?

Perhaps you’ve been building a team or working on a program for a while but haven’t been able to scale. Perhaps your back-office administrative tasks are finally taxing your in-house resources.

For whatever reason, outsourcing your non-core functions could free up time and money to help your business grow. But when is it time to take the plunge? When should a business outsource?

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