A Guide To FAST: Fundraising Accessible Sustainable Trackable

A Guide To FAST: Fundraising Accessible Sustainable Trackable

Unless you’re a financial whiz, your company’s fundraising plan can be daunting. As a result, important details can fall by the wayside or go drastically south.

Fundraising is an essential part of any startup’s journey. This may be very difficult when you are starting and developing your startup before you have any meaningful traction, analytics, or even a released product. Additionally, you lack the resources in the early stages to devote to intricate fundraising negotiations, paperwork, and execution.

The solution is just a click away

It’s just simple; it makes more sense to outsource certain tasks so that you may receive support as needed while also lowering your cost structure. Simply avoid doing it yourself! That’s why Kaizen’s FAST toolkit is the icing on your cake! a strong approach that enables you to swiftly convey the value proposition and story of your firm to potential investors.

“If your competitor is going to raise $150 million and you want to be conservative and only raise $20 million, you’re going to get run over,” said Bill Gurley, a managing partner at Benchmark Capital.


Accelerators vs. incubators, angel investors, or just counting on personal loans—at this threshold of indecisiveness, your dream is just one critical decision away from launching.

Fundraising is more successful with Kaizen. The key to defining a rewarding investment strategy that raises capital for your small business startup is being armed with the information, understanding, and assets you need to engage potential investors.


“A rock-solid pitch and pitch deck will help you get the funding you’re asking for”

With so much competition between idealists and entrepreneurs, you must craft your pitch and deliver it with complete confidence. Think about questions that investors might ask and prepare answers ahead of time so that you’re ready to respond to questions confidently as you deliver your strategy, figures, and existing brand guidelines. Get that rounding fund in no time and start up your business.


Use your financial estimates to determine how long it will take for your capital to support your company and to account for any gaps in your hunt for sustainable finance. A fair guideline is to ask for six months’ worth of operational expenses with a carefully drafted long-term plan that enables your startup to grow slowly and get your feet steady on the ground.


Tracking business expenses is an important part of maintaining a small business. We develop an effective system to manage your company effectively, track business expenses, keep track of spending, and guarantee that they are correctly accounted for.

We make it appear simple and quick to attract investment. We’ll help you every step of the way.

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